DogeFarmer - Earn real money by playing!
DOGEFARMER.COM - Earn real money by playing!
Farmers invite you to their ranks! Here, every farmer earns real money on a virtual farm.

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     DogeFarmer - is an exciting online game with the withdrawal of money.
Just after registration, you will receive a free field and a free chicken coop!

Total Payouts 19220.58 doge

Project active 0 years 0 months 15 days

  • Earnings on receipt and sale of products!
  • Earnings on processing and selling products!
  • Earnings on the preparation and sale of Pancakes!
  • Stable and prompt Payouts from 10 doge!
  • Always available look Reserve system!
  • An opportunity to get acquainted and communicate!
  • We accept DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Responsive Tech Support!
  • Permanent and fully automated earnings for the affiliate program!
  • All this - with the withdrawal of real money!

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Reserve for Payouts: 387330 doge

Sold today
Hens: 206
Pigs: 116
Sheeps: 15
Cows: 0
Lamas: 0
Elephants: 0
Start: 09.09.2018

Store reserve:
45212.3 DOGE
Coupons reserve:
10893.10 DOGE
Reserve Payouts:
387330 DOGE